For those developers who are not willing to go to such desperate measures as the guy who has placed an ad on Craigslist in the hope of changing his name and getting a ticket to WWDC, there’s the Indie Developer Lab

According to Craig Fox, one of the team behind Jailkbreakcon and an organiser of Indie Developer Lab, the event was planned the moment that WWDC sold out. Fox told us that the conference has been put together "in order to help the developer community have a place to collaborate during  WWDC. This is a unique cultural event for iOS and OS X developers."

Fox added: "Indie Developer Labs is an open area where developers are provided with space to work, free wifi, and an open environment to connect with other developers. Our mission is to help foster the collaborative spirit of the Apple developer community." 

"A hackathon event is being planned during the event," said Fox.

The Indie Developer Lab event, will take place in San Francisco from 11 – 14 June, gives developers an opportunity to “meet up with other professionals in the industry”, says that event’s website.

There will be power, WiFi and free snacks, and the event will take place “a couple of blocks from Moscone,” which is where WWDC will be held. Developers will also be able to take part in a competition called the IDL Remix Challenge in which they will be given code that they need to turn into a game.