Template Graphics Software is set release a major upgrade to Amapi 3D. Version 5.0 of the NURBS (non-uniform rational B-spline) and polygon modeller for the Mac is slated to debut at Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Among the £299 title’s features is a dynamic-geometry function that saves the construction history of complex surfaces, new tools and views, and a decimation feature for simplifying complex meshes.

It also boasts a dynamic geometry capability that lets users dynamically edit an object's outline, profile or basic structure.

Amapi 3D 5.0 includes four new ways of smoothing meshes to create organic surfaces, as well as three new deformation tools for tapering, bending or twisting objects on the fly.

A new filleting-tool palette features a simplified, interactive interface and includes a Dice Corner command that selects edges and corners to fillet according to an angle value.

Current owners of Amapi 3D, Amapi Studio and Amapi Workshop can upgrade to Amapi 3D 5.0 for £129.

A full review of Amapi 3D 5.0 will be posted on this site later this month, and will also appear in February’s Macworld.