Next Wednesday (27 January), it will be time once again for Apple to present a new quarterly report. We will get to know how things went with sales of the iPhone, iPad and other segments during Q1 2021, which began on 1 October.

According to US analysts, Apple is expected to present its strongest report in the company's history, MarketWatch reports. This follows a Q4 which was itself better than expected, as Apple continues to defy global gloom to record strong financial results.

For example, Katy Huberty at investment bank Morgan Stanley estimates that Apple will report revenue of $108.2bn, compared to $91.8bn for the same period the previous year.

There have been several signs lately that the iPhone 12 is selling better than expected, something that is likely to give Apple's quarterly report a boost.

In related news, Apple's share has risen significantly recently, reflecting analysts' optimism.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.