Apple has been accused of removing a number of erotic novellas from the iTunes Store and replacing them in the top 10 downloads with less than sexy titles such as Peter Mandelson's autobiography The Third Man.

Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story by prolific Hull born author Carl East held the iBooks top spot on Monday morning, while similar cut price tales of lust took the second and seventh positions in the most popular downloads chart.

According to the author, Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story is the story of Cherry's "complete sexual awakening" and "an erotic adventure like no other," which is "extremely graphic and some might say it's porn."

By lunch time, all Hunt's erotic titles had dropped out the top listings, with book chart analysts insisting it was likely the titles has been deliberately removed. Apple, and particularly CEO Steve Jobs, have a no porn policy when it comes to the iTunes App Store, although so far this has been limited to iPhone apps.

Currently a search of Carl East appears to bring up "no results" on the iBooks Store. Apple declined to explain the disappearance of the books.

Blonde and Wet

East, who now lives in the US, only started writing in his forties and now has over 70 erotic books to his name with titles such as Confessions of a Nymphomaniac, the Complete Story, Claudia's Wild Weekend, Mature Women and Threesome.

Philip Stone, charts editor for The Bookseller magazine, told the The Times that East was likely benefiting from iPad users’ ability to buy erotica more discreetly than if they bought a book.

"The embarrassment factor of being caught reading something like that in print is not there. If it’s on your iPad then no one can tell what you’re reading. You could be reading Plato."

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