If you thought that the outcome of the Apple versus Samsung case back in August meant that the legal wrangling between the two companies was over, you'd be mistaken. In Apple's latest move against Samsung it has made a bid to extend an existing lawsuit against Samsung to include Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 - and Apple has mentioned the Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system as well.

This is the first time Google has been dragged into the dispute. Reports note that suing Google is more difficult because Google doesn't profit from selling its Android software, which it gives to manufacturers for free. "Apple could struggle in a lawsuit to prove that Google financially benefits from patent infringement," notes a CNBC report.

The August case in which Apple won $1.05bn was a separate patent case. This new case is scheduled for trial in 2014.

It's suggested that Apple's request to add these additional patent infringement claims is in response to a motion filed by Samsung on 1 October in which the Korean company claimed that the iPhone 5 infringed on eight of its patents.

The Galaxy Nexus is the only phone with Jelly Bean that Apple is adding to the patent complaint.

Apple also wants to add 17 devices that could use a stylus – despite the fact that they don’t ship with a stylus, and the fact that Apple's iPad doesn't feature a stylus.

Samsung attorney Victoria Maroulis opposes the addition of "stylus products in 17 new devices" to Apple’s claims claiming that "by adding the stylus, Apple is going to enlarge the case significantly," reports Bloomberg.

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