Apple is demanding that the developers behind an OS X-friendly AppleScript builder called FaceSpan change the way the product is being promoted.

Digital Technology International (DTI) has been asked by Apple's counsel to stop using the promotional words "Visual AppleScript", "Visual AppleScripter", and the domain and the sentence "It's Visual AppleScript," on all FaceSpan products.

Apple states in a letter dated November 8, 2001 that the Visual AppleScript names, "cause people to think that your company's goods and services originate from or are sponsored by Apple, or that there is some association or relationship with Apple".

DTI had applied for a trademark for the name "Visual AppleScript", but its application was refused, MacCentral reports. The company then added an "er" to the name and is waiting to see if "Visual AppleScripter" will be accepted by the US trademark office.

FaceSpan offers a means of visually building AppleScript applications. It includes editors for constructing windows, scripts, and menus, as well as a management environment for inspecting, editing, duplicating and deleting application's scripts, interface components and resources.