Apple generates a lot of news, and it can be hard to keep up. If your mind was on other things this week, our roundup of Apple-related headlines will bring you up to date.

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Apple spring event 'on 23 March'

Our long nightmare of not getting any new Apple products for a couple of months is almost over. Jon Prosser, aka Prosstradamus, has predicted that the company's highly anticipated spring event will take place on 23 March 2021.

(For context, back in the autumn of 2020 Prosser told us to expect an event on 16 March, and we're currently trying to decide if this is a failed prediction that undermines his credibility or an impressively close call to have made five months ahead of time.)

Prosser says the AirTags, plus new iPad Pro, AirPods and Apple TV models are all ready to launch, without committing himself to the prediction that they actually will. For our detailed analysis of the announcements Apple will make, read What to expect at Apple's spring 2021 event.

Farewell to the iMac Pro

Sad but not entirely surprising news this week, as Apple discontinued the iMac Pro after a little under four years on the market.

It's been on the cards for a while. Earlier this month we reported that the iMac Pro was labelled as "while stocks last" on the Apple Store, but the machine has felt slightly wrong for its market for much longer than that.

As Karen Haslam argues in Why it doesn't matter that Apple discontinued the iMac Pro, the device suffered from being cannibalised by the Mac Pro above and the iMac below, with the former offering superior workstation processors, enhanced graphics and a modular design, and the latter a more appealing price.

"It got to the point," Haslam writes, "where all the iMac Pro really had going for it was the Space Grey finish."

But that's not how we want to remember it. Writing for Macworld US, Jason Snell offers a requiem for the iMac Pro, which he describes as the ultimate Mac of the Intel era.

"Pour one out for one of the best Macs of the 2010s," Snell writes, "and perhaps the one that best represents that confused decade. The iMac Pro is dead - but it lived fast and left an exquisite corpse."

News in brief

We wrote a few weeks back about the 'dating game' Apple is playing as it seeks partners for its Apple Car project. But it looks like the company will end up back with an old flame: sources say there's a decent likelihood it will recruit Foxconn, better known for its work on the iPhone.

Poor old Parler. The social network beloved of free-speech evangelists and the political hard-right tried to smarten up its act after being banned from the App Store, but Apple has denied its latest attempt to be re-admitted. Leaked emails suggest that swastika-festooned user profiles contributed to the decision.

Apple has reportedly slashed production orders for the iPhone 12 mini, after grossly overestimating demand for the small handset.

Photoshop is compatible - or mostly compatible - with the M1 Macs for the first time. It was previously possible to run it via Rosetta emulation, but the updated version is 1.5x as fast, Adobe claims.

The EU told Apple not to be hypocritical in the way it applies privacy rules on the App Store. Apple has lived up to this by posting a comprehensive list of the data collected by all of its own apps.

Michael Simon lists 5 products Apple should just stop making. And writing for, he argues that an Apple Watch for kids is the perfect way to keep the Series 3 alive.

Writing for Tech Advisor, meanwhile, Lewis Painter wants to know why there's no power button on his AirPods Max.

After years of predictable, systematic serial numbers on its products, Apple has switched to random numbers. It's not immediately clear why.

Tired of subscribing to podcasts? Soon, thanks to a change in the Podcasts app, you will follow them instead. (This follows research that found non-listeners associated the word 'subscribe' with having to pay.)

Bugs & problems

After finding herself consistently locked out of her iCloud account, the actor and author Rachel True discovered a surreal bug: the system was interpreting her surname as a Boolean variable.

Writing for our US sister site, Jon L Jacobi asks: How worried should you be about your M1 Mac's SSD lifespan?

The rumour mill

New iPad Pro models equipped with 5G and mini-LED displays will be released within weeks, according to supply-chain sources.

The iPhone 13 is expected to feature a shrunken notch, which is good news for those who resent that pesky intrusion into their screen 'real estate'. But in 2022 the notch may disappear entirely, and an iOS developer has knocked up some images to help visualise what that will look like. It has certainly whetted our appetites:

While we're looking into the distant future of the iPhone, Ming-Chi Kuo reckons it will get a big-zoom periscopic telephoto lens in 2023.

It looks like Apple will have to delay the launch of the new 14in and 16th MacBook Pro as a result of component shortages.

Apple's VR/AR headset will launch in 2022, according to a new report from the well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. We have also heard that it will cost $1,000 and feature 15 cameras.

Yet more leaked renders point to the AirPods 3 getting a redesign to look more like the AirPods Pro. We've been here before.

Apple Breakfast: New AirPods leak from Gizmochina

Apple has patented a magnetic connector that could replace Lightning on the iPhone.

And that's it for this week. Stay Appley!