Apple generates a lot of news, and it can be hard to keep up. If your mind was on other things this week, our roundup of Apple-related headlines will bring you up to date.

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Apple event incoming!

It's the most magical time of the year: September, when Santa Cook traditionally drops new iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads down our chimneys. Only this year is different - in so many ways.

The iPhone 12, the headline attraction at this time of year, is expected to be delayed until October. But Jon Prosser (or as we call him here at Macworld, Prosstradamus) has put his neck on the line by predicting an Apple event on 8 September, which is next Tuesday, for the new iPad and Apple Watch.

The announcement will happen between 2pm and 5pm UK time, Prosser says. Catch up on all the announcements right here.

App Store acrimony

Apple's relationship with its app developer partners remains under the spotlight, where it has been for much of the year. At the start of the week the company made the decision to terminate Epic Games' account, following its rule-breaking addition of a direct-payment option to Fortnite, and a couple of days later a member of the Russian parliament proposed a bill that would require Apple to allow iPhone owners to install rival app stores, and cut its revenue share from 30 to 20%.

In between those stories breaking we heard that the first developer has successfully challenged an App Store ruling, following an olive-branch change to the rules at WWDC this summer. Apple is firing on all cylinders commercially, but it has some major PR work to do if it wants to avoid the perception that it pushes other companies around.

News in brief

Details of Apple's Silicon graphics plans have emerged. A report in the China Times claims the same A14X processor, with an integrated GPU codenamed Tonga, will be used for the new 12in MacBook and iPad.

The iPhone 11 is top of the latest global sales figures. The iPhone SE, XR, 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro also made the top 10. The Apple TV, on the other hand, appears to be struggling.

After Tim Cook touted the creation of 1.9 million US jobs during his defence of the App Store before Congress, Apple is now claiming the platform is responsible for 2.1 million jobs in the country. Impressive numbers, but worth remembering that there are jobs and there are jobs: a lot of smaller developers barely get by on the money they make from the App Store.

A quite funny new advert for the iPhone touts its privacy credentials and warns against 'oversharing'.

In a longer analysis piece, Samuel Nyberg discusses the two new Apple products he cares about. If your tastes are slightly broader, you may prefer to read our megaguide to everything Apple is releasing this autumn.

Stephan Wiesend explains why you shouldn't buy certain Apple products right now, and Martyn Casserly advises against buying an iPhone. Bit negative, guys?

Bugs and problems

Some users have reported a graphics problem with the new 27in iMac: annoying horizontal lines appearing onscreen. It only seems to affect models with the Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics card, a buy-to-order option at the very top of the range.

Whoops! An issue with Apple's new notarisation process meant the accidental approval of a piece of Mac malware. The malicious code was hidden in a file disguised as an installer for Adobe Flash, a technology Apple has been opposed to for more than a decade: we're not sure if that embarrasses Apple or vindicates its position.

The rumour mill

A warning: there's going to be a lot of iPhone 12 news stories between now and the end of October. Take this week: a mostly dry report about the number of handsets Apple is manufacturing ahead of the launch dropped in the apparent confirmation that there will be a dark-blue model. Cue acres of coverage.

Every one of those iPhone 12 units will support 5G, but only some of them will support the faster millimetre wave version - the good one, in other words. (Our colleagues on Tech Advisor reckon just the 12 Pro Max will get the nod.) Reports suggest the millimetre wave versions will be in short supply, with Apple only ordering 4-6 million.

Eagle-eyed browsers have noticed that certain Apple Watch models are showing as out of stock, a reliable indicator of an imminent update.

An instruction manual has leaked online - and clues suggest it's for the new iPad Air.

A cheeky leaker has revealed the specs and price of the first publicly available Apple Silicon Mac: it will be a MacBook with an A14X chip, 4th-gen Butterfly keyboard and up to 20-hour battery life.

Excited about the imminent launch of iOS 14? With the iPhone 12 delayed the OS updated will be pushed back too; the evidence points to a release on 7 October. That could coincide with the unveiling of AirTags... as well as the iPhone 12, of course.

A new Apple TV is currently under development.

And that's it for this week. Stay Appley!