Apple generates a lot of news, and it can be hard to keep up. If your mind was on other things this week, our Saturday-morning roundup of Apple-related headlines will bring you up to date.

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Apple's amazing autumn

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness will this year also feature  a frankly excessive three Apple product events, according to a report published this week. And at least six new Apple products.

As in 2020 - a year we thought would go down as an anomaly, but may have set a pattern for some time to come - there will be one event apiece in September, October and November. But unlike in 2020, the new iPhone will appear in the first one, not the second.

That might not sound like a big deal, but you underestimate the hype of an iPhone launch at your peril. Ahead of and even during the September 2020 event, Macworld was deluged with eager readers desperate for news of the iPhone 12, despite our continuous protests that it had been delayed. If there's an Apple event, millions of people will tune in to see if there's a new iPhone; it's free PR.

This year, it appears, will be different. The September extravaganza will see the launch of the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch Series 7 and the new AirPods - arguably the three biggest launches of the year. And you can't help wondering if anyone will have any ducks left to give when the October and November events roll around.

Yet those will be important events too. The October event will present us with new iPads (a new mini and a new iPad targeted at students), and the November one will be all about the Mac - including a crucial and overdue Apple Silicon upgrade for the company's flagship MacBook Pro laptop.

This is going to be an action-packed autumn. It's almost enough to make you think Apple should release a couple of things in the summer just to clear some space.

News in brief

Following a troubled initial announcement (which included accusations of pushing government spyware), Apple is running a full media charm offensive to explain and defend its new child-safety features. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Craig Federighi argued this week that the photo-scanning element of the plan had been widely misunderstood and actually respects user privacy more than rival services.

Apple has been hit with a whopping $300m fine after losing a patent battle. The company responded by claiming the plaintiff "makes no products and its sole business is to sue companies using patents they accumulate". But cheer up, Tim Apple, it could have been worse: this was actually a retrial, and the original figure was $506.2m.

In Different Think, our regular Tuesday column for controversial opinions, Simon Lohmann argues that nobody needs a foldable iPhone.

Video of the week

Here's that WSJ interview with Craig Federighi, in which he argues the finer points of off- and on-device scanning.

Software, bugs & problems

An annoying bug has been preventing Mac owners from accessing their HP scanners. Apple has confirmed that the problem exists and has promised to resolve it in a future update, but without specifying when this is likely to happen.

iOS 15 will let you turn off Night Mode on compatible iPhones, it's emerged. Night Mode is amazing but wildly transformative, and it's about time it was made easier to turn it off permanently, whether you want a more subtly artistic low-light shot or just want an accurate record of what you could see on the night in question.

When it arrives we won't instantly get access to all the new features coming in iOS 15. There are at least six features announced by Apple at WWDC that won't be ready for prime time until after the new iOS launches. Here's six iOS 15 features Apple promised, but won't be available at launch.

NordVPN has been updated to add full support for M1-based Macs. Check our guide to which apps work with M1 Macs for a broader look at the software industry's progress in this area.

The rumour mill

CAD renders of the Apple Watch Series 7 have leaked, giving an early glimpse of its updated design. As expected, the images show a larger screen, squared-off edges and repositioned speakers.

Apple Watch Series 7 CAD renders by 91mobiles

Image courtesy of 91mobiles.

Talking of new designs, look at this gorgeous thing! It's not real, we must emphasise, but just imagine if it was. It's a concept illustration of a device combining the attributes of the HomePod and the Apple TV.

HomePod TV concept illustration by Eric Huismann and Handy Abovergleich

Image courtesy of and Eric Huismann.

The new MacBook Pro will represent a breakthrough for mini-LED technology, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. The respected analyst reckons its adoption in Apple's top-of-the-range laptop will see yields improve and prices drop - something that didn't happen when mini-LED was used in the more niche-targeted iPad Pro 12.9in.

Apple's said to be considering titanium as a better option than aluminium for future iPad models. This comes via a DigiTimes report discussed here: Future iPad could be made from titanium. However it will be a while before the price is right for Apple to introduce the new material, so don't expect it for the 9th-gen iPad (which could be launching soon).

Apple deals of the week

I've embedded a list of the best current Apple deals below, but other than that, we're done for this week. See you next Saturday, and stay Appley!

1. Apple iPhone 13 with free AirPods

From: Virgin

Now: From £34 per month

Grab the brand new iPhone 13 and bag a free pair of Apple AirPods while you're at it! We're separately looking at where to buy the iPhone 13 and the best pre-order offers.

2. Apple iPhone 13

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The brand new iPhone 13 already has near £8 off. Here are all the places to buy the iPhone 13 right now.

3. Apple 10.2in iPad (9th gen, 2021) - 64GB

From: KRCS

Was: £319

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It's not a big discount, but considering the 9th gen iPad only released this month, it's a welcome discount from KRCS.

4. Apple iPad mini (2021, 6th gen) - 64GB

From: KRCS

Was: £479

Now: £469.42  (£9.58 off)

KRCS already has nearly £10 off the iPad mini 6. You'll find a similar price from Laptops Direct as well

5. Apple iPad Pro 10.5in (256GB, Wi-Fi only)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £679

Now: £489  (£190 off)

The 10.5in iPad Pro with 256GB storage has £190 off from the Apple Refurbished Store, which means its exactly like buying new. If you prefer greater storage, there's also £230 off the Wi-Fi + Cellular model with 512GB.

6. Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro/Pro Max & 13 mini

From: Macworld UK

Now: Where to Buy & Best Deals

The latest iPhone is now available to buy as of 24 September. Here are all the places you can buy one today and at the best price.

7. Apple iPad 10.2 (9th gen): Out Now!

From: Macworld UK

Now: Where to Buy & Best Prices

The 10.2in Apple iPad just got upgraded with a new A13 Bionic chip and double the storage. Here's where you can buy one.

8. Apple iPad mini (6th generation):Out Now!

From: Macworld UK

Now: Where to Buy & Best Prices

The iPad mini just had a mighty upgrade with a larger display, 5G connectivity, and a robust A15 Bionic chip. And you can buy one today.

9. Apple Watch Series 7: Where to Pre-Order

From: Macworld UK

Now: Tracking the best pre-order deals

The Apple Watch Series 7 offers a larger, brighter display, slimmer bezels and more, and it's out soon.

10. Apple iPad (2021, 9th gen)

From: KRCS

Was: £319

Now: £312.62  (£6.38 off)

KRCS already has money off the brand new iPad! You can save nearly £12 on the top spec version with cellular.

11. Apple iPad 10.2in (2020, 32GB)

From: AO

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Last year's iPad (8th gen) now has an incredible £30 off from AO and Very.

12. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £1,199

Now: £999  (£200 off)

This is the biggest discount we've ever seen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can thank the launch of the iPhone 13 range for that.

13. Apple iPhone 11 Pro (64GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £999

Now: £899  (£100 off)

Now that the iPhone 13 has launched, you can save £100 on the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro.

14. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, M1, 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 256GB (2020)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

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Save £200 on a refurbished M1 MacBook Pro with 256GB storage. As an Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook you can be certain that it will indistinguishable from new! See our full guide on where to buy a refurbished MacBook or Mac.

15. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, Cellular)

From: Amazon

Was: £509

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Save £100 on the 44mm Watch 6 with cellular connectivity!

16. Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £699

Now: £579  (£130 off)

Amazon and Laptops Direct both have £130 off 64GB iPhone 12 mini.

17. Apple AirPods Max

From: Laptops Direct

Was: £549

Now: £449  (£100 off)

This £100 saving on the AirPods Max is the biggest we've seen to date.

18. Apple Apple TV 4K 2021

From: Currys/PC World

Was: £169

Now: £159  (£10 off)

Right now Currys/PCWorld, and John Lewis have £10 off the 32GB 4K Apple TV (2021). You can also get £10 off the 64GB model at Currys/PCWorld, KRCS and John Lewis.

19. Apple iPad Pro (2021, M1, 11in)

From: Amazon

Was: £749

Now: £718.98  (£30 off)

A handy saving on Apple's exceptionally powerful M1-equipped iPad Pro for 2021. If this drops out of stock at Amazon, or you want the Space Grey finish, you can get £15 off from KRCS.

20. Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) - Refurbished

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Save nearly £200 on the iPhone 11 from 4Gadgets. This handset is marked in "Excellent" condition.