Apple generates a lot of news, and it can be hard to keep up. If your mind was on other things this week, our Saturday-morning roundup of Apple-related headlines will bring you up to date.

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Three days until iPhone 13

There's no point being coy about this: the biggest event of Apple's year happens this week and all the evidence suggests it's going to be a doozy.

Yep, the invites have gone out - and the invites have been scanned for clues - and we're all set for a blockbusting iPhone event on Tuesday.

No promises for guessing that the centrepiece of the festivities will be the iPhone 13 (accompanied by the 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max - by referring to "New Phone #1" and so on in an FCC filing Apple has pretty much confirmed that it will launch four new models). Last-minute leaks and rumours this week revealed speed benchmarks (it's the fastest in the world), battery-life improvements, new colour options and MagSafe cases for the new phones.

But we're also optimistic that the Apple Watch Series 7 will appear alongside the iPhone 13: the device's biggest problem has been solved, and it's back on track.

And there's a decent chance that we'll be getting new AirPods as well: after all, it's been two and a half years since the standard AirPods were last updated.

The event starts at 10am PDT on Tuesday 14 September, which translates to 6pm UK time. Here's how to watch the event live, and remember to hit on the night for expert analysis of the announcements as they come in. It's going to be big, and wow, there's a lot of links in this section.

iPhone 13 event invitation

Video of the week

As discussed above, Apple's 'California Streaming' event takes place on Tuesday, and the company is expected to announce the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and maybe new AirPods. Potential new iPhone features include the ability to photograph stars at night, an always-on display and portrait mode videos.

In the video embedded below, Macworld Executive Editor Michael Simon and Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis join Juliet Beauchamp to discuss what's expected at the event.

News in brief

A price hike is coming for new iPhones, iPads and MacBooks released this year and next year, as a result of the global chip shortage.

Following up on our 'App Store under siege' analysis in last week's Apple Breakfast, Anders Lundberg reports that the App Store's under pressure and Apple is cracking.

A landmark ruling in the Apple vs Epic legal dispute, meanwhile, could change the App Store forever.

In Different Think, our regular Tuesday column for controversial opinions, Martyn Casserly asks Apple to kindly stop messing with his health.

A Chinese company wants to ban the iPhone for patent infringement. Xiao iRobot wants Apple to stop manufacturing, selling and exporting iPhones with Siri, which is the subject of a patent dispute dating back 10 years.

Apple TV+ gets its fair share of criticism, but this week it got an unexpected pat on the back: a report has found that it's the best streaming service for user privacy.

Software, bugs & problems

Apple has delayed the rollout of its CSAM photo scanning plan, following widespread criticism. Human rights organisations around the world pointed out that the "child protection" approach, while well-intentioned, could infringe on users' privacy and create a surveillance tool.

iOS 15's beta tweaks show Apple is finally listening, says the Macalope - just like it always has.

WhatsApp is planning a selective privacy feature, based on a new feature in the app's latest iOS beta. The feature lets you show your Last Seen status to some contacts and not to others.

The rumour mill

The iPad 8 is sold out, offering a clear hint that the new generation of iPads will be here soon.

Apple has been granted a patent for a curved iMac with the computer, screen, keyboard and trackpad all built into a single piece of glass. Here's what it could look like:

Curved iMac patent

The Apple Car project appears to be in jeopardy, following the news that Doug Field, the project leader, has left Apple and moved to Ford. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has called this "the largest setback in a history filled with setbacks for Apple's car project".

Leaker Jon Prosser (aka Prosstradamus) pointedly chose the week in which Apple sent out invitations to this year's iPhone unveiling to drop a big reveal about next year's model. Tim Cook is unlikely to send him a Christmas card. Here's what the iPhone 14 will look like, Prosser reckons:

iPhone 14 leak by Front Page Tech

Image courtesy of Front Page Tech.

Simon Lohmann, however, fears that these images may prove embarrassing for Prosser in the long run. Perhaps because they turn out to be inaccurate; perhaps because of the seemingly malicious timing with which they have been released.

Roman Loyola lists six ways Apple is planning to radically transform the MacBook Pro.

Apple deals of the week

I've embedded a list of the best current Apple deals below, but other than that, we're done for this week. See you next Saturday, enjoy the iPhone event on Tuesday, and stay Appley!

1. Apple iPhone 13 with free AirPods

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6. Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro/Pro Max & 13 mini

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7. Apple iPad 10.2 (9th gen): Out Now!

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The 10.2in Apple iPad just got upgraded with a new A13 Bionic chip and double the storage. Here's where you can buy one.

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The iPad mini just had a mighty upgrade with a larger display, 5G connectivity, and a robust A15 Bionic chip. And you can buy one today.

9. Apple Watch Series 7: Where to Pre-Order

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The Apple Watch Series 7 offers a larger, brighter display, slimmer bezels and more, and it's out soon.

10. Apple iPad (2021, 9th gen)

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12. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB)

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This is the biggest discount we've ever seen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can thank the launch of the iPhone 13 range for that.

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