Apple generates a lot of news, and it can be hard to keep up. If your mind was on other things this week, our Saturday morning roundup of Apple-related headlines will bring you up to date.

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iPhone 13 launch date 'revealed'

Here at Macworld we spend most of our summer counting down the days until the iPhone launch, a magical evening when we stay up late, drink too much coffee and update dozens of articles. Part of the magic is that we don't know when it will happen until the last minute, so we can't even plan around it.

But one brave analyst has put his head above the parapet and made a firm prediction. The iPhone 13 will be announced in the third week of September, says Dan Ives, and since iPhones are generally announced on Tuesdays, that translates to a date of 14 September. Put it in your diary!

So what can we expect on that special day?

You can check out our iPhone 13 news hub for all the leaks and latest info, but we've had a couple of intriguing snippets this very week. One pundit has predicted, for example, that the iPhone 13 will get an always-on display (you know, like the two most recent Apple Watch models). And the terabyte theory - the notion that Apple will finally break the one-terabyte storage barrier with this year's phone - was revived by a new report.

But not everyone is convinced. Dennis Steimels outlines some key reasons you might be well advised to skip the iPhone 13 and wait for the iPhone 14. Somebody hasn't caught the spirit of the most wonderful and magical time of the year.

The Pegasus Project

Death to spyware

The Pegasus Project, a collaboration of journalists and activists looking into the political use of spyware, escaped the tech bubble to dominate the week's headlines in mainstream news outlets. But Apple got caught up in the story in a way it won't have appreciated.

Amnesty International's Security Lab announced that iPhones - even iPhones with the very latest iOS updates - are vulnerable to attack by NSO Group's now-notorious Pegasus spyware, which gives hackers control of your camera and microphone and access to your messages, files and so on. That may come as a surprise to many iPhone owners, given how highly Apple has talked up the privacy and security credentials of its mobile hardware.

There are some caveats we should get out of the way. Firstly, the nature of this method of surveillance - expensive, and designed to avoid attention - means it will only ever be used on a small number of high-value targets. If you're not a head of state, an activist or an influential political journalist, NSO's clients simply won't bother with you. (And if you're still worried, you can check if your iPhone is infected by Pegasus using a free tool.)

The second caveat is the usual one: that Apple nearly always gets more negative headlines than it deserves, just because it's the most famous and click-friendly tech company in the world. Android phones are also susceptible to attack; the Macalope goes so far as to call the scandal much ado about Android. Indeed researchers say that the traces of Pegasus are actually harder to detect on Android, which makes it more dangerous on that platform, yet would naturally lead to a higher discovery rate on iPhone.

Yet we can't escape the feeling that Apple dropped the ball on this one. Or rather, that the company has been dropping balls for years, in terms of its complacent marketing and its relationship with security researchers, and has only this week been exposed for it. Stephan Wiesend explores the company's culpability in his detailed and highly recommended analysis Is Apple to blame for failing to stop Pegasus?

Video of the week

Anyone interested in the Pegasus scandal should definitely watch our video of the week, in which Ken Mingis, Michael Simon and Juliet Beauchamp discuss iPhone security in light of Amnesty International's spyware revelations.

News in brief

Good news for Cupertino: the iPhone is gaining market share and Android loyalty is down. The iPhone 12 appears to have kickstarted a super cycle year.

Bad news for Cupertino (and for all of us, really): a spike in numbers of the COVID Delta variant has persuaded Apple to put off its planned return to the office for at least a month. You'll note that this extension covers the expected launch of the iPhone 13, which now appears certain to be announced virtually. (Which is a good thing.)

Fakespot, a relatively popular but controversial app that claimed to be able to spot fake reviews on e-commerce sites, has been kicked off the App Store after Amazon complained. The retail giant claimed Fakespot "provides customers with misleading information about our sellers and their products".

The second season of Ted Lasso premiered on Friday 23 July. Find out about the best thing on Apple TV+ (and the rest of the shows worth watching) here: Everything you can watch on Apple TV+.

Speaking of Apple TV, the one-year trial offered to those who bought a new Apple product is no more, but there is a six-month trial for students who subscribe to Apple Music for half price, and also anyone who owns a PlayStation 5. More details here: How to get Apple TV for free.

Did you know that there's another difference between the entry-level 24in iMac and the next model up? Not only does the cheaper model have one fewer GPU core, it also lacks a second fan, so you can expect it to heat up and slow down much faster. Read all about why that matters here: Why you should buy the iMac with 8-core GPU.

Someone is auctioning off an old job application filled in by Steve Jobs, and bidding, at time of writing, stands at $35k. There's also an NFT available, because of course there is.

The number of counterfeit wireless earbuds seized by US Customs is breaking all records, with Apple's AirPods Pro proving particularly popular among the fakers.

Tim Cook has pledged that Apple will make (so far unspecified) donations to European flood relief efforts.

Software, bugs & problems

It's been confirmed that the notorious XLoader, one of the most prevalent pieces of malware on Windows, also affects Macs. "This is definitely a promising new market," writes the malware. Sorry, I mean the security researchers.

Big Sur 11.5 is here now, bringing lots of security fixes. Find out why you should update here: Big Sur 11.5 is here: should you install? There's also good news for those on older platforms: Apple has released key security fixes for macOS Mojave and Catalina as well.

iOS 14.7 is also here. We explain what features and fixes iOS 14.7 brings.

Note, however, that a bug in iOS 14.7 breaks the unlock with Apple Watch feature. That issue is relevant only to people who own both an Apple Watch and an iPhone with Touch ID, but if that's you, give iOS 14.7 a miss. Hopefully it will be fixed in iOS 14.7.1.

Adobe has updated a lot of Creative Cloud apps to be native on the M1 Mac including, most recently, Premiere Pro, InDesign and Illustrator, joining Lightroom and Photoshop. Catch the latest info in Which apps work on M1 Macs?

One of the new features coming to FaceTime later this year is the ability to reduce background noise. We explain how that will work, and how you can do it now, in How to reduce background noise on FaceTime calls.

WhatsApp too has added a handy new feature for group video chats. You can now join conversations that are already in progress.

You can now beta-test new AirPods software. It's a bit of a faff.

The rumour mill

Industry sources claim the third-gen iPhone SE will launch in March or April 2022. It should be worth the wait, though, given that it's expected to feature a super-fast A15 processor. That sound you can hear is Phil Schiller crying about all the people who just decided they won't be buying an iPhone 13 mini.

Talking of things that are worth the wait, the new MacBook Pro won't launch until September at the earliest, according to reliable analyst Mark Gurman, and might not be here until November.

But when the MacBook Pro does launch, there is yet more evidence that MagSafe will make a return as a means of charging it: Apple has updated the MagSafe support doc on its website.

New AirPods are imminent! Industry sources say they will go into production next month, which would mean a launch in September or October. They could appear alongside the iPhone 13.

The new iPad mini will get that speedy A15 chip too. It could be with us in the autumn, which would make that chip brand-new: a big deal for the littlest iPad.

Martyn Casserly rounds up all the new Apple products that could arrive in August 2021, and how likely it is that each one will happen. It's the summer, to be honest, so there might not be any at all. Please don't get mad.

Apple deals of the week

I've embedded a list of the best current Apple deals below, but other than that, we're done for this week. See you next Saturday, and stay Appley!

1. Apple iPhone 13 with free AirPods

From: Virgin

Now: From £34 per month

Grab the brand new iPhone 13 and bag a free pair of Apple AirPods while you're at it! We're separately looking at where to buy the iPhone 13 and the best pre-order offers.

2. Apple iPhone 13

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The brand new iPhone 13 already has near £8 off. Here are all the places to buy the iPhone 13 right now.

3. Apple 10.2in iPad (9th gen, 2021) - 64GB

From: KRCS

Was: £319

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It's not a big discount, but considering the 9th gen iPad only released this month, it's a welcome discount from KRCS.

4. Apple iPad mini (2021, 6th gen) - 64GB

From: KRCS

Was: £479

Now: £469.42  (£9.58 off)

KRCS already has nearly £10 off the iPad mini 6. You'll find a similar price from Laptops Direct as well

5. Apple iPad Pro 10.5in (256GB, Wi-Fi only)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £679

Now: £489  (£190 off)

The 10.5in iPad Pro with 256GB storage has £190 off from the Apple Refurbished Store, which means its exactly like buying new. If you prefer greater storage, there's also £230 off the Wi-Fi + Cellular model with 512GB.

6. Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro/Pro Max & 13 mini

From: Macworld UK

Now: Where to Buy & Best Deals

The latest iPhone is now available to buy as of 24 September. Here are all the places you can buy one today and at the best price.

7. Apple iPad 10.2 (9th gen): Out Now!

From: Macworld UK

Now: Where to Buy & Best Prices

The 10.2in Apple iPad just got upgraded with a new A13 Bionic chip and double the storage. Here's where you can buy one.

8. Apple iPad mini (6th generation):Out Now!

From: Macworld UK

Now: Where to Buy & Best Prices

The iPad mini just had a mighty upgrade with a larger display, 5G connectivity, and a robust A15 Bionic chip. And you can buy one today.

9. Apple Watch Series 7: Where to Pre-Order

From: Macworld UK

Now: Tracking the best pre-order deals

The Apple Watch Series 7 offers a larger, brighter display, slimmer bezels and more, and it's out soon.

10. Apple iPad (2021, 9th gen)

From: KRCS

Was: £319

Now: £312.62  (£6.38 off)

KRCS already has money off the brand new iPad! You can save nearly £12 on the top spec version with cellular.

11. Apple iPad 10.2in (2020, 32GB)

From: AO

Was: £329

Now: £299  (£30 off)

Last year's iPad (8th gen) now has an incredible £30 off from AO and Very.

12. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £1,199

Now: £999  (£200 off)

This is the biggest discount we've ever seen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can thank the launch of the iPhone 13 range for that.

13. Apple iPhone 11 Pro (64GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £999

Now: £899  (£100 off)

Now that the iPhone 13 has launched, you can save £100 on the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro.

14. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, M1, 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 256GB (2020)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £1,299

Now: £1,099  (£200 off)

Save £200 on a refurbished M1 MacBook Pro with 256GB storage. As an Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook you can be certain that it will indistinguishable from new! See our full guide on where to buy a refurbished MacBook or Mac.

15. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, Cellular)

From: Amazon

Was: £509

Now: £409  (£100 off)

Save £100 on the 44mm Watch 6 with cellular connectivity!

16. Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB)

From: Amazon

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Now: £579  (£130 off)

Amazon and Laptops Direct both have £130 off 64GB iPhone 12 mini.

17. Apple AirPods Max

From: Laptops Direct

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Now: £449  (£100 off)

This £100 saving on the AirPods Max is the biggest we've seen to date.

18. Apple Apple TV 4K 2021

From: Currys/PC World

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Now: £159  (£10 off)

Right now Currys/PCWorld, and John Lewis have £10 off the 32GB 4K Apple TV (2021). You can also get £10 off the 64GB model at Currys/PCWorld, KRCS and John Lewis.

19. Apple iPad Pro (2021, M1, 11in)

From: Amazon

Was: £749

Now: £718.98  (£30 off)

A handy saving on Apple's exceptionally powerful M1-equipped iPad Pro for 2021. If this drops out of stock at Amazon, or you want the Space Grey finish, you can get £15 off from KRCS.

20. Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) - Refurbished

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Save nearly £200 on the iPhone 11 from 4Gadgets. This handset is marked in "Excellent" condition.