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(Apple) Watch this space

Apple is usually quite good about announcing things when they're ready. Rather than promising the earth and then quietly removing all references to the earth from its website a year and a half later - the Peter Molyneux approach, I call this - Tim Cook likes to leap on stage, demo a new product and then smugly reveal that pre-orders will begin when he finishes his sentence. Or maybe a few days later.

(Okay, there was AirPower, which was very much a Molyneux-style project. But that was out of character.)

Last month's September extravaganza mostly fit the template, with pre-orders for the iPhone 13 handsets and for both the iPad mini 6 and ninth-gen iPad beginning promptly. But the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 7 was weirdly vague, saying only that the new wearables would become available "later this autumn". Come on Apple, be specific.

With Apple's next event looming this month, it's faintly embarrassing that it hasn't yet cleared the decks from the last one - but this week we heard rumours that the Series 7 is almost with us. The leaker Jon Prosser reckons pre-orders will begin on 8 October, with deliveries arriving a week after that. This fits with our observation that the Series 6 is largely sold out, suggesting that Apple is winding up ahead of the next device's launch.

To which we can only say: about time.

News in brief

Apple has decided to let users review and rate its own preinstalled iOS apps - and those users haven't held back. Translate and Podcasts have both come in for punishing feedback.

It's time for Apple to wave the white flag and switch from Lightning to USB-C, argues Anders Lundberg in our weekly Different Think column. This follows last week's news that the EU has proposed legislation to standardise phone chargers.

Apple should stop taking itself - and the iPhone - so seriously, says Jason Snell.

There's been lots of speculation about when Tim Cook will retire, ever since he revealed in an interview that he doesn't intend to be at Apple in ten years' time; a month ago we covered the claim that he simply wants one more major category launch before quitting the day job. The rumour mill roused itself again this week when it was reported that Cook had bought a new $10m house eight hours' drive from Apple HQ. Is he preparing to wrap things up?

Macs are cheaper to own than PCs, according to researchers. Now that's a counterintuitive conclusion - until you hear that the study was commissioned by Apple.

I love Safari in iOS 15, says Michael Simon, and he reckons you will too.

Apple recently appeared to let slip that it has fewer than 20 million paying subscribers for its TV+ service across the US and Canada, compared to more than 35 million for Disney+ and more than 70 million for Netflix. A trade union charges different fees for streaming services with below and above 20 million; Apple indicated that it qualified for the lower fee.

The Macalope analyses Google's airtight legal defence: that Apple is better.

Video of the week

Despite app-tracking transparency, iPhone apps continue to track users, according to the Washington Post. It found that the type of data gathered about a user's device could be used to ID individual iPhones - even after users explicitly asked apps not to do so. Meanwhile, in Android 11, app permissions automatically reset for unused, older apps.

In the video embedded below, Ken Mingis and Michael Simon join Juliet Beauchamp to discuss iPhone versus Android privacy measures and the way that fingerprinting affects users.

Software, bugs & problems

Only a week after hitting the shops, the new iPad mini has been hit with a widely reported screen problem. Known as 'jelly scrolling', the issue causes one side of the display to refresh more quickly than the other, resulting in a wobbly effect when scrolling through text-heavy screens in portrait orientation. Apple has since claimed such behaviour is normal, which suggests a recall is unlikely.

Bad news for those who jumped straight into iOS 15: bugs continue to be identified, including a concerning one where photos saved to the Photos library from iMessage could be automatically deleted if certain conditions are met - one condition being the original message's deletion.  

Speaking of iOS 15 and its associated bugs, on 29 September Apple issued the second version of the iOS 15.1 beta to developers. This beta version addresses a problem with masked unlocking of the iPhone with the Apple Watch, among other things.

The new version of Safari - Safari 15 - can be installed on Macs running Big Sur or Catalina. Unfortunately some Mac users are reporting serious problems with Safari 15, including difficulties loading some sites.

An angry developer has released details of four vulnerabilities that he says Apple was aware of (because he flagged them) but never acknowledged - and only one of them was ever closed.

Another security concern emerged this week, this time related to Apple Pay. A video demonstration showed that it is possible to make a £1,000 Visa payment from a locked iPhone. It's only possible if a user has set up a Visa card for Apple's Express Travel feature, but researchers were able to trick a locked iPhone into believing it was near a ticket barrier and fooled it into making a payment. All a bit concerning...

And that's not all. There was one more warning issued this week: apparently AirTags can be manipulated in such a way that they can lure unsuspecting finders to phishing websites.

iFixit, a repair site famous for its tear-downs - in which it completely and wantonly dismantles a device to reveal its innermost secrets - has torn apart the iPhone 13 Pro and discovered something alarming. The screen and the rest of the phone are linked by matching serial numbers, which means Face ID stops working if you replace the screen. Following last month's video leak exposing Apple's anti-repair persuasion tactics, it's becoming increasingly clear that the company has little regard for the right to repair.

The rumour mill

The iPhone 13 has barely launched, but rumours are already swirling around the iPhone update coming next year - which may be a little more dramatic. The latest report claims the iPhone 14 will offer a completely new design and no mini model.

New screen sizes ahoy: the latest macOS beta indicates that Apple is preparing for displays that offer more pixels. The devices in question are probably the new 14in and 16in MacBook Pro models.

Talking of new MacBooks, hopes are high for the next version of the MacBook Air, which is expected to receive a design overhaul in 2022. The respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo this week published an investor note predicting that the new Air would go into production next summer.

Is Pro Mode about to make a comeback? The optional battery-busting, high-performance feature appeared in beta versions of macOS 10.15.3 last year, then vanished before the public launch; now something apparently similar called High Power Mode has been spotted in a Monterey beta.

David Price rounds up all the new Apple products we expect to launch in October 2021.

Apple deals of the week

I've embedded a list of the best current Apple deals below, but other than that, we're done for this week. See you next Saturday, enjoy your weekend, and stay Appley!

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Now that the iPhone 13 range is out, you can find excellent discounts on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which Apple has now discontinued.

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The BT Shop now has the lowest price on the M1 MacBook Pro with 256GB storage. Amazon and LaptopsDirect aren't far behind - they both have it for £899.97.

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This isn't the cheapest the Air has ever been – Amazon offered a £230-off deal for Prime Day, earlier this year  – but this is still a very solid discount on the latest iPad Air model, with cellular connectivity.

Note that this price applies to the silver model only; the other four colour finishes are considerably more expensive.

17. Apple MacBook Air, M1, 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 512GB (2020)

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An excellent deal, this. Save money on the MacBook Air with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU from Amazon. The discount applies to the Space Grey version, but the gold and silver models are only slightly more expensive.

18. Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm, GPS + Cellular) - Refurbished

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This refurbished Apple Watch 6 with cellular connectivity has over £110 off as a part of the BT Shop's Big Tech Sale. BT has listed it as returned stock that's still sealed in the box making it an even more appealing deal. See our full coverage.

19. Apple Mac mini, M1, 8-Core CPU / 8-Core GPU, 256GB

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Scan's price for the MagSafe charger saves you £11 - roughly 29% off the original price. This is currently the cheapest you'll find this item.