When the latest version of the Mac mini rolled out in October fans of the tiny PC welcomed the refresh--even if the upgrade had a few downsides. One thing that was conspicuously absent, however, was an option to buy the mini with 2TB of storage.

That double terabyte deficiency has since been corrected, with the $999 model now offering a configurable option for a 2TB Fusion Drive. It appears Apple quietly added the option in mid-December, but was only recently noticed (and first reported) by 9to5 Mac.

The impact on you at home: The Mac mini is such a popular HTPC option for cord cutters looking to turn their television into a multi-media powerhouse. With 2TB you'll have plenty of room for family photos, videos, and any purchases from iTunes or elsewhere.

Extra $100

To get the 2TB option you'll have to spend an extra $100, raising the cost of the high-end Mac mini to about $1100.

The new mini uses a 2TB Fusion Drive, which combines a standard hard drive with flash storage. The combination drive appears to you, the user, as if it's just one large storage system, and your most-used files are automatically moved to the SSD--drastically speeding up your overall computing experience.

The beauty of a Fusion Drive is that it combines performance and capacity without going overboard on price. Apple also offers the ability to load your Mac mini with a super-speedy, PCIe-based 1TB SSD, but it'll cost you $800 more than the base $999 model with a 1TB Fusion Drive. For a more detailed look at Fusion Drive, check out our previous overview.