Could Apple be considering acquiring part of Hon Hai Precision Industry, the parent company to Foxconn? Foxconn manufacturers devices for Apple, and Apple is said to be its biggest client, accounting for around 40 per cent of its contracts.

Hon Hai Precision Industry is said to be hoping to raise more than $3 billion in investment and there are suggestions that Apple might become a major investor. (More below...) 

MicGadget suggests that such an acquisition could help Apple become independent of Samsung. Samsung currently provides Apple with touchscreens, but the two companies have been at loggerheads in court over patent disputes.

By buying a stake in Hon Hai Apple would also be a step closer to Sharp, which has just announced a strategic deal with Hon Hai. It is thought that Sharp could supply the display panels for a new iPad, and potentially a Apple television, or iTV.


Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the Foxconn factory in China last week.