Last week credible sources reported that Apple and Hyundai-Kia were close to signing an agreement regarding a collaboration on an upcoming electric car.

But something seems to have gone wrong. Bloomberg now reports that negotiations between Apple and the car maker have been "paused", casting doubt over Apple's plans to enter the automotive industry.

If the two parties can't reach an agreement - and Bloomberg reports that it's unclear "if - or when - discussions between Apple and Hyundai might resume" - it will be difficult for Apple to manufacture the car in the US, since there are no longer many car factories in the country. The plan had been for the car to be manufactured at Kia's factory in the state of Georgia.

The mooted partnership between the two firms has seen more than its share of ups and downs. Hyundai-Kia initially broke the story but then walked back its earlier comments, while a source later claimed it didn't want to work with Apple anyway.

If Hyundai is our of the picture, there are two UK MPs calling for Apple to come and build the car in the UK.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.