Apple will add new features and capabilities to its iPhone and Apple TV products through a series of future software updates, the company confirmed last night.

Speaking to the analysts, chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer confirmed the company plans to offer innovative features to both the iPhone and Apple TV, introducing, "new software features and entirely new applications".

"We hope the result will be to surprise and delight our iPhone customers," said Oppenheimer.

Apple chief operating officer, Tim Cook, moved to reassure analysts that the delay in the release of Mac OS X 10.5 does not mean the company is under-resourced.

"We have no issue at all on hiring really great people,” he said. "We always planned on using Mac OS X resources to complete the iPhone since it uses a version of OS X. It’s taking a few more resources than expected to get it out in June, so we had to make a choice, and we think it’s the right one.”

Also on iPhone, Oppenheimer revealed Apple would realise revenue from sales of the product over 24-months.

Essentially an accounting instrument, the decision marks the difference in accounting for sales the company must endure.

This is because the iPhone will attract a combinaton of initial purchase fees, a slice of the monthly network subscription fee (with AT&T in the US), and peripheral and software upgrade fees.

It's interesting to note that Oppenheimer also confirmed plans to account for Apple TV sales on a similar basis. Asked if this meant Apple has plans to offer content for the device on a subscription basis, the chief financial officer declined to comment, saying only that the company is looking at different future features for the device.