Apple is working hard on upcoming products behind closed doors, with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggesting in a recent report that the company is working on both an iPad Pro with wireless charging and on a new iPad Mini.

The former would allow users to wirelessly charge the tablet in the same way as an iPhone, while the latter suggests we could see the first redesign of the iPad Mini in six years. According to Gurman’s source, the iPad Pro with wireless charging could appear in 2022, and the iPad Mini may make an appearance later this year.

Equally as interesting, Gurman also believes that the Cupertino-based company will continue to develop a wireless charger with similar functionality to Apple’s infamous AirPower charger, which was announced with much fanfare in 2017 and was eventually cancelled when Apple couldn’t work out issues with overheating.

The report doesn’t go into much detail about what or when to expect this new AirPower charger, but we can assume it’ll charge more than one device at once – as the original was envisioned. It’s not a new idea – Jon Prosser claimed AirPower wasn’t dead back in June 2020 – but it’s the first news about the project we’ve heard in the year since.

It seems AirPower isn’t the end-goal for Apple though; Gurman also suggests there’s internal research into alternative wireless charging methods that could work over greater distances than inductive connectivity.

However, the implementation of such new technology in a specific product is likely still a few years away. It’d be nice to be able to charge Apple’s AR Glasses just by sitting on the sofa though, right?

This article was originally posted on Macwelt. Translation by Lewis Painter.