New reports accuse HP of copying Apple's keyboard and trackpad designs, and Samsung of copying the company's earphones.

HP has just unveiled its new Spectre One all-in-one, which has been greeted by negative comments about the very familiar design of the wireless trackpad and keyboard that accompany the Windows 8 computer.

Neowin writes that HP has “blatantly copied Apple's hardware design” in its new trackpad and keyboard, which closely resemble the ones that Apple has been selling for some time now.

HP was accused of copying Apple's MacBook Air with its Envy Specture XT Ultrabook that was launched in May.

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HP's vice president of design, Stacy Wolff, responded to the accusations by saying: “Apple may like to think they own silver, but they don't.”

Meanwhile, Patently Apple claims that it “sure looks like” Samsung is trying to copy Apple's earphones.

The blog has compared a patent illustrations from Samsung's current patent application to Apple's granted patent images from 2011. “You can clearly see that Samsung is once again trying to copy yet another Apple idea. There's not much to argue about here,” Patently Apple writes.

The report highlights that Samsung's patent application, which was filed at around the same time as Apple was granted its earphones with a remote and microphone patents in 2011, presents the same headphone controller with volume up, down and phone call functionality that is outlined in Apple's granted patent.

Patently Apple suggests that Apple is unlikely to take Samsung to court again over the design of its earphones, because “Apple knows where their profits are and what they will and won't go to war over.”

Apple recently won a month-long court case against Samsung over the design of iOS devices and user interfaces.