Apple may be looking to extend the trial offer for Apple TV+. Currently people who buy a new Apple product get a free one-year subscription to Apple TV+, but in October many of these free year subscriptions will run out, with Apple likely to lose subscribers.

According to sources: "The company is considering keeping a free access offer to lure new subscribers but with a reduced period of time." [Here's how to get Apple TV+ for free.]

The revelation is made in a Bloomberg article regarding Apple's plans to bring AR content to the Apple TV.

Apple is said to have far-reaching plans to offer exclusive AR content for its movies and TV series. It's hope that the AR content will drive an increased interest in the Apple TV Plus service.

You could apparently see a virtual moon car driving around on the coffee table while watching For All Mankind, for example. (We're not sure we want to).

In other productions there is talk of other objects or characters arriving in your living room using augmented reality. The only requirement is that you first activate the function in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The new bonus AR content had been intended to premiere this year, but due to the pandemic the launch has been postponed. The feature will likely debut sometime next year, Bloomberg reports.

Bloomberg's sources indicate that the AR content will appear on Apple TV+ "ahead of an Apple headset in 2020." That headset will be "built around augmented and virtual reality," according to Bloomberg's sources.

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With additional reporting from Macworld Sweden.