If you're thinking of buying the entry-level MacBook Pro 13in, we've got some bad news: Apple has doubled the price of its RAM upgrade. It now costs £200/$200 if you want 16GB instead of 8GB. Check out the options on Apple's site.

MacRumors spotted the price change, which has also occurred in other countries, including Sweden (bumped to SEK 2,500) and Germany (doubled from €125 to €250). This makes it clear that this is nothing to do with currency adjustment, which is the most common reason given for price rises.

Instead, the most likely cause of this sharp rise appeared to be a shortage of this particular memory module, which in turn may be due to the ongoing pandemic. At time of writing, there have been no similar price increases for other models, which use other types of memory.

The company later went on record, however, to say that the price rise is a correction. In other words, it should have been this price all along.

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This article originally appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.