Following the iPhone 4S-only iOS 6.1.1 update last week, Apple is expected to release an iOS 6.1.2 update for all iOS devices by Wednesday 20 February, according to new reports.

German iPhone news site iFun cites sources that correctly predicted the launch of iOS 6.1.1 ahead of its public release in its report. The sources claim that the update will fix the security flaw that allows users to bypass the passcode and access personal data on an iPhone 5, as well as the Microsoft Exchange bug.

The report also claims that the planned iOS 6.1.1 release, which Apple seeded a beta of to developers earlier this month, will be pushed back to iOS 6.1.3 due to the two unexpected updates required to fix issues with the mobile operating system. iOS 6.1.3 will bring major enhancements to Maps in Japan.

Apple was forced to release an iOS 6.1.1 update for iPhone 4S users in order to address a 3G issue that was being experienced by some users after updating iOS 6.1, which was released in January.


Apple has since acknowledged two further bugs in iOS 6.1. The first is a bug that causes devices to experience syncing issues with Microsoft's Exchange Server, and the second is an exploit that allows contacts and photos access on a locked iPhone 5.

Apple has promised fixes for both of these known issues in an upcoming update.

The iOS 6.1 update introduced a few minor – but welcome – changes to the software including the reinstatement of iTunes Match features, a Reset Advertising Identifier and more LTE coverage.

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