Bear Sterns analyst Andrew Neff last night raised his 12-month price target on Apple stock, from $94 to $100.

The move matches that of UBS, ThinkEquity and American Technology Research, where analysts recently increased their Apple target price to $100 or more.

The revaluation comes as Apple stock trades at or above its its 52-week high, shrugging off concerns regarding new competitors in the iPod space and the need to file financial restatements by 29 December, following the company's options probe, or face being de-listed from Nasdaq.

Neff recently met with Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer and vice president of iPod product marketing Greg Joswiak.

He emerged from the meeting to say he remains "optimistic about Apple's continued innovation and the twin drivers of iPods and Intel-based Macs".

The analyst also observed that Apple will need to release "incremental products" early in 2007 to protect itself against the impact of seasonality on sales.

He also stressed that the iTV video streaming product may have features "beyond streaming video content".

He noted the possibility that the device may have an internal hard drive and employ "advanced user-interface software".