Designer Sir Jonathan Ive has been given a new job title Apple following the redesign of iOS with iOS 7 at WWDC last week. Ive is now 'Senior Vice President of Design' at Apple, an expansion that represents his new role as head of all design at the company, rather than 'Industrial Design' as his previous job title stated.

London-born Ive was given additional design responsibilities - on top of the hardware design he was already in charge of - following an executive shakeup at Apple in October, which is believed to have led to the all-new look in iOS 7. The new design ditches the skeuomorphic elements from the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch interface in favour of a simpler, more minimalistic style.

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In May, ahead of the unveiling of iOS 7, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Ive had been "key" in the development of iOS 7. Referring to the shakeup at Apple, which saw Scott Forstall and John Browett booted from the company, Cook said: "What we did last fall was change things up, to really ramp up our innovation. We recognised that Jony had contributed significantly to the look and feel of Apple for many, many years and could do that for software as well, and I think it's absolutely incredible."

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