Apple doesn't have to take publish a notice on its UK website announcing that it was wrong to suggest that Samsung had copied the iPad, at least not for now... 

A London court ruled that the iPad maker wouldn't 'immediately' have to to publish the notice. 

Apple had appealed on the grounds that it didn't want to advertise its rival. That appeal will be heard in October. If the appeal is denied, Apple may still have to advertise that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. In addition to a notice on its website, Apple had also been instructed to take out ads in the UK press, so it is still possible that Apple will have to do this. 

This follows the ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple. With with Apple accusing Samsung of copying the design and Samsung accusing Apple of encroaching on its technology patents. The case is being held in a number of courts worldwide. Just yesterday a judge in Germany upheld a ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany, and extended the ban to the rest of the European Union. The case opens in a court in California on Monday.

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