Apple Time Capsule external hard drive

Apple external hard drives, such as the Time Capsule, are more than twice as likely to develop a fault than storage devices from other manufacturers, according to a survey by respected UK consumer group Which?. See: Apple Time Capsule review. Note: The Time Capsule tested by Which is the old model, not the new Time Capsule launched recently. 

The Which? May 2013 survey of 1,926 members of the public found that nearly half (49%) of Apple external hard drive owners had experienced a fault with the device.

This compares to around a fifth (22%) of owners of non-Apple externals hard drives who had suffered a fault.

Which? described the findings as “worrying for a premium brand”, especially as 67 percent of Apple hard drive problems occurred within the first year of ownership.

The most common Apple hard drive faults was of the device freezing. Other complaints included the Mac being unsbale to recognise the device, and the drive making increased noise over time.

Apple responded to Which? by saying that it was aware of problems with Time Capsules sold between February and June 2008, which it claimed to have repaired or replaced free of charge.

Which? looked at nine brands of external hard drives, these were defined as data storage device that connect to a computer via USB and feature large storage options and a portable design. Apple's Time Capsule is neither portable, nor does it plug in to a computer via USB (instead it uses Wi-Fi). While this brings its inclusion in the report into question, the faults are no less concerning.