Apple could be preparing for a television-related event in March, an analyst has said.

In a research note sent out on Wednesday, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek wrote that his "channel checks" have found that Apple is planning to hold a special event next month to introduce developer tools that would allow third-party apps to be created for the Apple TV set-top box.

Misek doesn't believe that the widely speculated Apple television set will be unveiled during the event, but thinks that the new developer tools would be the first step in setting the stage for such product in the future, reports MacRumors.

"Channel checks indicate Apple has a product event in March that is Apple-TV related (possibly an iTV SDK introduction). We think a Sep/Oct iTV launch is being targeted," he wrote.

Misek expects that Apple's television set will be 42in – 55in and will be priced from $1500 (£970).

Following Misek's report, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple, who has a good track record when it comes to Apple product launch predictions, refuted Misek's claim with a simple "Nope."

In January, Piper Jaffray analyst insisted that Apple would launch a television this year, a prediction that he has maintained since as far back as February 2009.

This isn't the first time Misek has spoken about the Apple television either. Late last year, Misek told investors that Apple television prototypes have been "floating around."

"Gesture voice control along with a new user interface are the main innovations," he said.

Separate reports suggested that Apple is working with component suppliers in Asia to test out several designs for a television.

It's likely that Apple is considering further progression into the television industry, but many believe that the company will focus on improving its Apple TV set-top box rather than introducing a fully-fledged television set.

In December, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at a future venture into the television industry by saying that TV is "an area of intense interest."

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