Apple's iPod shuffle this week won the Design Week Award for Best Consumer Product Design.

The judges said: “It feels a bit unfair to all the other entries, which were mainly very good indeed, that Apple — with its relentless commitment to innovative and evolutionary design, and its attention to detail — should again win pole position”.

Judge Sebastian Conran of Conran & Partners said: "We were in a quandary with Consumer Product Design. Though there was a wide variety of interesting products, there was also a raft of entries from Apple’s design team, of which, though all were excellent, only the shuffle was truly ‘new’. The quality of Apple’s products, packaging and enticing presentation really sets the benchmark and creates a compelling ‘itchy wallet’ syndrome that makes them so successful."

He added: "The shuffle is a simple, beautifully executed concept with minimal, re-useable packaging that is fantastic value for money."