Apple is exchanging AirPods Pro if they experience problems with the active noise cancellation not working or if you can hear a crackling sound.

Apple has already published support documents addressing problems with the AirPods Pro making crackling or static sounds, or if the active noise cancellation does not work as expected. The company had advised in both cases that the user could clean the grille on the top of the AirPods Pro in case the active noise cancellation was being impaired by foreign objects or ear wax.

However, if that fix doesn’t work, Apple has now launched a AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues

Apple explains that it has found that a small percentage of AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020 may experience sound problems.

Apple highlights the following issues:

  • Crackling or static sounds that increase in loud environments, with exercise or while talking on the phone
  • Active Noise Cancellation not working as expected, such as a loss of bass sound, or an increase in background sounds, such as street or airplane noise

If this applies to you Apple, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, will service the affected AirPods Pro (left, right or both), free of charge.

This program does not include other AirPod.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.