Apple's planned smart TV product will come in three different sizes including 32in and 55in models, according to a report.

SmartHouse claims to have heard from sources in Japan that the device will launch before or during the last quarter of 2012.

The source also revealed that the interface will be based around Siri technology and that it will be manufactured by a "major Japanese company".

We've already heard plenty of reports linking Japanese firm Sharp with Apple's smart TV project and the source believes that Samsung and LG will also be launching smart TVs at around the same time, putting them directly in competition with Apple.

Apple's smart TV project - what we (think we) know so far

Aside from the claims about three different sizes, the source hasn't really revealed anything new. Even if it does plan to launch the device in late 2012 we don't expect Apple to say anything official about it for a good nine months or so, so expect the rumours and speculation to grow in the coming months.