Apple has launched a bunch of new peripherals including a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, a new Magic Mouse, and a new Magic TrackPad.

This means you no longer have to buy an iMac M1 if you want a Touch ID on the keyboard of your Apple desktop computer. Read: How to buy a Apple Keyboard with Touch ID.

The keyboard with fingerprint sensor presented with the 24in iMac M1 this spring - known as the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID - is now available to buy from Apple separately.

If you aren't buying the Touch ID keyboard with an iMac the only option available is the silver/white model. Apple provides a colour-matching keyboard with numeric keypad for the colourful M1 iMacs.

The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID costs £149 (Buy from Apple UK) and $149 (buy from Apple US).

The price for the Touch ID keyboard with numeric keypad is £179 (buy from Apple UK) and $179 (buy from Apple US).

A prerequisite for the functioning of the Touch ID is an M1 Mac - so the keyboard would be ideal for the Mac mini or as a separate keyboard for am M1 MacBook Air or M1 MacBook Pro.

Apple has also launched a new Magic Trackpad, which costs £129 (buy from Apple UK) and $129 (buy from Apple US) and appears to have a white touch-sensitive surface rather than aluminium as before. Apple now includes a USB-C to Lightning cable, previously it was a USB-A plug.

New Apple Touch Pad

There is also a new Magic Mouse for £79 (buy from Apple UK) / $79 (buy from Apple US) which at first glance is unchanged, but like the Magic TrackPad now comes with a USB-C lighting cable.

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