Apple is so desperate for extra space at its head quarters in Cupertino it has had to lease two additional buildings while it waits for its new ‘spaceship’ headquarters to be built. 

The additional space amounts to 69,000 square feet over two separate offices in the Cupertino area. 

Earlier this year Apple began a lease on 315,000 square feet of office space in Sunnyvale, notes 9to5Mac. 

Construction of Apple’s new campus will begin in mid 2013 and completion is expected in 2015. The 2.8m square foot facility will be located in an 175-acre area located on the former Hewlett Packard campus. Apple plans to demolish the existing buildings at the site and erect its office, research and development complex that, in addition to the underground auditorium and parking garage, includes a fitness center, a mostly off-the-grid energy center and a thick layer of trees that will enshroud the four-story ring-shaped building. The circular structure will have huge walls of glass that let Apple employees look out from both sides onto park-like landscaping that includes jogging paths and walking trails. 

You can see drawings of Apple’s new campus building on the City of Cupertino website

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