It may not be quite ready yet, but Apple’s brand new Mapping service has glaringly obvious mistakes that many have found quite amusing.

Gizmodo reports that the new Maps app, part of Apple’s new iOS 6, which is set to arrive in autumn, has some peculiar labelling. Apple has confused Greenland for the Indian Ocean, the Indian Ocean for the Arctic Ocean, Africa for the North Pacific Ocean, and the Southern Ocean for the North Atlantic.

On the up side, however, Apple has added some quirks to its new operating system that demonstrate the company’s attention to detail.

A developer who has downloaded the iOS 6 Beta discovered that the reflection on the metallic sliders in the Music app on his iPhone. Gizmodo confirmed the new detail, and says that Apple has updated the app so that it can detect when the iPhone is tilted, and therefore create a more realistic looking gleam on the virtual metallic knob.

See the video below for a demonstration of the tiny but impressive new detail in iOS 6.

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