In an unusual move by Apple, the company plans to hold a second special event right after its WWDC keynote presentation tonight - or to be more precise, at 8pm UK time on 7 June. Apple made the announcement in a video published on the music service on Sunday, something first spotted by the Twitter user Kenny.

However, the video is not currently accessible, suggesting that an Apple employee posted it too soon by accident. We hope nobody has been fired for this apparent error.

The event will focus on Apple Music, and more specifically on the new Spatial Audio feature, which Apple has previously announced will be released on its music streaming service at some point in June. Spatial Audio is a directional technology, originally launched on the AirPods, that creates the illusion that audio is coming from specific points in 3D space around you.

Spatial Audio was announced alongside Lossless Audio, but its significance was somewhat lost amid several days of negative headlines about the various hardware on which Lossless was not available at the time. Apple will therefore be keen to evangelise Spatial Audio's value to prospective subscribers.

WWDC's opening presentation at 6pm UK time tonight would traditionally be devoted to the company's various operating systems, with iOS 15 and macOS 12 the most high-profile updates coming this year. But it seems that Apple wants to break out some of the Apple Music news for its own event. This too will be streamed live, just like WWDC itself. (Here's how to watch WWDC.)

Tonight at 8pm we will find out what this new event is about - assuming it happens at all. Apple has not confirmed the event anywhere other than in the now-removed video.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.