Apple has secured the top spot as the most innovative company in a survey for the third year running.

Management consulting firm Booz & Company conducted its annual survey to find the top ten most innovative companies in the world, and 80 per cent of the 700 companies voted for Apple in their top three, up from 70 per cent who voted for the company last year.

Google, came second in the survey, with 43 per cent of respondents including the company in their top three. Also in the top ten were Samsung, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon.

"Apple's innovation focuses on bringing together different parts of an ecosystem and tightly integrating them together with meticulous attention to detail," Reticle Research analyst Ross Rubin told Wired when asked why he thinks Apple keeps coming out on top in the survey. "They refine consumer capabilities in an approachable offering with broad appeal."

"Other companies, like Dell, focus on relatively unglamorous innovation in process and manufacturing," Rubin said.

"I think Apple is a leading innovator among tech companies," Forrester analyst Charles Golvin agreed. "But innovation comes from many companies, and it's easy to point to clear examples from many of Apple's competitors."

"A big distinction for Apple is the breadth of areas in which it innovates: hardware, industrial design, software, usability, retail. May of its competitors are strong in one or more of these areas but not across the board," Golvin added.

The survey seems to show that you don't need to spend the most money in order to be the named most innovative, as Apple ranked 53rd for its total spending on research and development. That's in contrast to Microsoft, which was the top spender in the software and internet sector this year, but ranked 6th in the most innovative companies list.