As the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games continues, more and more details have emerged about the way the companies do business. Now, for example, we are seeing emails that show how Apple handled similar conflicts in the past - and there are striking differences between the approach the company took with Netflix a few years back.

In December 2018, Netflix decided to remove the option to subscribe to its streaming service from within its iOS app, a move that would avoid the necessity of sharing revenue with Apple. When Epic did something similar - adding a direct-payment option to Fortnite that would bypass Apple's revenue cut - the response was hardline. But Netflix seems to have been treated more leniently.

According to the published emails, Apple considered punishing Netflix for the move, but in the end decided to use the carrot instead of the stick. It promised to run campaigns to increase interest in the Netflix app, and to launch a special package offer for Apple TV users, reports 9to5Mac.

Despite Apple's best efforts to be friendly and accommodating, Netflix stuck to its line, and even today it's not possible to subscribe to Netflix via the iOS app. Yet the eagle-eyed will have noticed that Netflix has not been kicked out of the App Store.

The legal battle continues, and we look forward to further revelations.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.