Apple opened its new flagship store in New York last Friday, generating a huge wave of press attention for its new shop, which will be open 24-hours a day every day of the year.

The company has posted a series of time lapse photographs from the first 24 hours at the store, including images snapped at the opening, which was attended by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Some people chose to wait for up to 42-hours for the shop to open, with visitors from Europe flying across to share the moment. One sequence of images clearly shows a man waiting in the line holding up a placard which asked, "Will you marry me?".

ifostore has published an extensive report from the opening, which recounts how Apple's store staff spent the half hour before the shop opened marching up and down the line, geeing people up. Moments before the store opened, Jobs appeared at the entrance, generating huge cheers and ribald comment from some young women in the queue.

Jobs was also interviewed by NBC on Friday night. The interview has been uploaded to It ends with the interviewer saying "next week here, we'll hear more about Jobs' latest work."

A CNBC interview has also been made available on YouTube, an extensive chat in which Jobs praises Intel, but admits that AMD has some "interesting products" for servers.

Apple has also posted a list and photographs of all 24 winners of free MacBooks which the company gave away on an hourly basis for the store's first day's trading.