Apple previewed a new version of iWork during the WWDC keynote, but it wasn't a new Mac or iOS version.

The new iWork is iWork for iCloud and it brings the iWork apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynotes to a web browser near you.

According to Apple iWork for iCloud will bring documents right into your browser, on a Mac or a PC.

Uses just need to go to the iCloud homepage where they will see three new app icons for Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

If a user clicks on Pages, they will see all the Pages documents they have saved to iCloud. Users can open an existing document or create a new document using a template.

These iCloud iWork versions include the graphics, images, and page layout options of their Mac, iPad and iPhone counterparts.

Users can simply drag and drop images from your desktop into iWork in the browser.

And it's not only images you can drag straight onto the browser window. "We know we live in a world full of Microsoft Office documents," admitted Apple, explaining that it would be possible to drag and drop a Word doc into Pages.

Yes. It will be possible to edit a Word document in Pages for iCloud.

Numbers in iCloud will also be editable right in the browser.

With Keynote for iCloud users will not only be able to drag in an image, they will be able to crop it and rotate it. Users can also add animations.

All this in a browser window. Also impressive is the fact that iWork in iCloud will work on Windows. Not only will iWork in iCloud support Safar, it will also work in IE and Chrome on a PC.

iWork for iCloud will be available today as a developer beta with a public beta sue later this year.

Apple also promised that later this year, they're going to have new releases of both Mac and iOS suites. The last version of iWork for Mac was launched light-years ago in 2009.

The beta was only recently killed when Apple introduced a new way to share iWork documents between devices last July in Mountain Lion. 

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