Another day, another 'leak' from Jon Prosser. This time he is suggesting that a new Apple MacBook may feature colour options akin to the 24in iMac.

Prosser claims that the same source who revealed the information about the colour options for the iMac also revealed the plans for the MacBook.

Prosser's prediction that Apple would launch a bunch of new iMacs in a variety of colours was proven true on 20 April 2021 when Apple did exactly that.

Prosser tweeted the claim with a link to the latest recording of his YouTube show Front Page Tech.

It's not clear when this new MacBook will be launched. Apple is expected to launch a new 14in MacBook Pro within the next few months, but it isn't clear if this new Mac will be the one to come in a variety of colours. Indeed, it seems like it wouldn't be a fit for this mid range machine, if the colour options for iMacs indicate that they are designed for consumer use.

Possibly the first Mac laptop to take on this new colour range will be the MacBook Air, or maybe the MacBook will make a comeback with colour varieties.

You can watch the episode of Front Page Tech where Prosser makes the revelation below: