If you thought Apple couldn't possibly find something else for us to subscribe to you are wrong. The latest suggestion is that Apple intends to launch a subscription service for exclusive podcasts.

Apparently this would allow it to match the increasingly fierce competition from companies such as Spotify, SiriusXM and Amazon. This is according to The Information.

Along with exclusivity, these Apple's podcasts will be ad-free (if you disregard any surreptitious advertising for the company's gadgets and services), something that many listeners will appreciate.

Earlier this month Loup Ventures reported that Apple intends to launch several new 'plus' services in the coming years, and "Podcasts+" was mentioned as a possible candidate.

It is also rumoured that we will see podcasts about the movies and TV series on Apple TV+. This would be intended to increase interest in that service. Alternatively Apple could make TV programs from popular podcasts.

Update: Apple is expected to launch a new Podcasts+ subscription service on 20 April. Read more here: Apple to launch Podcasts+.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by Karen Haslam.