Apple has been busy preparing for Christmas it seems. The company has released a Holiday Gift Guide, and has introduced two new iPad mini adverts ahead of the present buying rush.

The iPad mini adverts are designed to emphasise that the 7.9in tablet is 'every inch an iPad' by presenting it side by side with its bigger brother.

The first of the two ads is called 'Photos' and shows both tablets running iPhoto alongside each other simultaneously, demonstrating that they are 'Two of a Kind,' as Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer remind us in their 60s song that is playing throughout the ad.

Similarly, the second advert, 'Books,' features both iPads running Apple's e-reading app iBooks at the same time. Apple uses a clever book pairings throughout the ad, as noted by MacRumors, which are as follows: The Sun Also Rises and The Valley Of The Moon, East of Eden and How the West Was Won, and Moby Dick and Gone Fishing.


Meanwhile, Apple has launched its Holiday Gift Guide, which features gifts for iPad owners, Mac owners, iPhone owners or iPod owners. It includes Apple's own products such as the iPad Smart Cover and the MacBook Air, as well as third-party accessories, from headphones to bags, printers to hard drives. Plus, Apple is offering free delivery on everything in its gift guide.

We've also prepared our very own Christmas Gift Guide, which will be featured in our Christmas 2012 issue, on sale next week.