Apple plans to introduce a movie download service through iTunes, a report claims.

The Business claims an announcement is "due as early as this week".

The report explains that movies downloaded through the service "could be transferred through an Apple Airport wireless connection to a digital television or stored on a video iPod".

While some may dismiss the notion of such services on the basis that downloading movies takes a great deal of time, network infrastructure company CacheLogic claims that almost 40 per cent of internet traffic is generated through video downloads of various forms.

Analysts at BayTSP also revealed that in excess of 40,000 unique copies of recent Paramount movie success, 'Elizabethtown' were available for download through file-sharing services in January.

On the eve of Apple's special "fun" announcement tomorrow, the most popular rumours include: an Intel Mac mini, a range of iPod peripherals (the 'iPod boombox') and movie downloads.

Pundits and other soothsayers warn that an Intel-powered iBook and "true" video iPod aren't scheduled to be introduced just yet.