A leaked video indicates that Apple intends to push ahead with its plan to require employees to return to the office three days a week, despite vocal opposition from within the company.

In early June, CEO Tim Cook sent an email to all of the company's office employees, detailing its plans for the post-pandemic future. Apple, he said, does not intend to continue with full-time working from home; staff will return to work on site three days a week, specifically Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the other two days, employees can choose where to work based on their personal circumstances.

This message did not meet with universal approval. A group of employees wrote an open letter, sent around the company for signatures of support, which demanded more flexibility.

The letter writers raised concerns about the effect of the policy, and suggested that the company should allow individual working groups to have more influence over their setup, instead of the rules being dictated by central management.

"Without the inclusivity that flexibility brings," they wrote, "many of us feel we have to choose between either a combination of our families, our well-being, and being empowered to do our best work, or being a part of Apple."

Yet Apple appears to be sticking to its plan, based on a leaked internal video obtained by The Verge. In the video, HR director Deirdre O'Brian addresses the issue and confirms that management believes working together on site is "essential to our culture and our future".

A number of major tech companies have adopted a far more flexible approach and plan to allow more working from home after the pandemic than was permitted before. Twitter, for instance, has said employees can work from home "forever". Google initially mandated three days a week in the office, but has since relaxed its policy somewhat.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.