Apple has unveiled new iPod minis starting at just £139 and updated the iPod photo.

The company has also taken the decision to stop shipping FireWire cables with the new iPods, meaning that Mac users wishing to connect their iPod via FireWire will have to purchase that cable separately. This seems a strange decision given Apple's mission to make FireWire an industry standard. The company was primarily responsible for developing that technology in 1995. The cable costs £15.

The iPod mini is now available in two sizes – 4GB and 6GB, but just four colours – Apple has ditched the unpopular Gold version and slightly changed the shades of the existing blue, green and pink versions. The colouring appears to be more vibrant. The silver remains the same.

The 4GB iPod mini costs £139 in the UK. The 6GB version costs £169.

Both mini's now feature "twice the battery life" according to Apple. The company previously claimed 8 hour battery life and now boasts 18 hours. The iPod mini also comes with an USB 2.0 cable, earbud headphones, a belt clip case, and a CD with iTunes 4.7.1 for Mac and Windows computers.

Candid Camera

The iPod photo line up now includes a new slimer 30GB model that can store 7,500 songs for £249, and a 60GB model that holds 15,000 songs and costs £309 – that model previously cost £429.

The 30GB iPod photo measures 6.1 x 10.4 x 1.6 cm – the 60GB version measures 6.1 x 10.4 x 1.9 cm. Despite the slight depth change both models weigh 166 grams. The 40GB and 60GB iPod photo used to weigh 182 grams.

Like the iPod mini, the iPod photo ships with a USB 2.0 cable – as it did previously. Apple has stopped shipping the FireWire cable with its iPod photo and iPod mini.

Both models will hold 25,000 digital photos and import photos via Apple's new iPod Camera Connector. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "You can import photos from your digital camera directly into iPod photo with the optional iPod Camera Connector."

The new iPod Camera Connector is an optional accessory that enables customers to connect their digital camera to iPod photo and import their photos into the iPod. The iPod Camera Connector can be used to connect a digital camera to the iPod for easily transfer of digital images.

The 20GB iPod is now £10 cheaper at £209. The 40GB iPod has been discontinued. Unlike the other iPods the 20GB still ships with both a FireWire cable and a USB 2.0 cable.

Apple is offering free laser engraving on all iPods bought from the Apple Store online.