As demonstrated by the early launch of the iPad 4, it looks as though Apple is moving towards a biannual product cycle, which could mean the launch of the iPhone 6, iPad mini 2, iPad 5, and iOS 7 will take place in the first half of 2013.

New iPhone 6 release date, features

Apple’s next iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, could launch as early as May, and be available in three different screen sizes, with eight colour options, according to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White. In a research note on 2 January, he wrote: “Checks are pointing to more choices on the way with the next iPhone… by providing customers with greater choices with the same high quality performance on the iPhone, we believe Apple has the potential to further expand its market share in the rapidly expanding smartphone world.”

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New iPhone mini release date, features

This is not the first we’ve heard of the possibility of a smaller handset. Apple is expected to launch a lower-priced “iPhone for the masses”, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who believes such device is inevitable. He says the company “needs” to build a smaller, low-cost model, dubbed iPhone mini, to compete with the growing popularity of cheaper Android devices.

Apple has already introduced a smaller screen size for its iPad, in the form of the 7.9in iPad mini, which was unveiled in October. Reports have suggested that Apple is preparing the iPad mini 2 for a spring launch.

New iPad mini 2 release date

Previously, Munster predicted that Apple will launch a new iPad mini in March, and ex-Apple CEO John Sculley has suggested that the company is moving to a biannual product cycle.

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It has already shown signs of breaking away from its traditional annual launch, by releasing the iPad 4 alongside the iPad mini in October, just seven months after the iPad 3 was released. Plus, identifiers originating from Apple’s Cupertino campus, believed to be for the iPhone 6 and iOS 7, began appearing in developer’s app logs in December, indicating that the company has begun testing both the device and new mobile operating system.

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All of these new iOS devices could be getting a strength boost, with Corning's new Gorilla Glass 3 expected to be used for the next iPhone and iPads. Announced at the International CES in Las Vegas, Gorilla Glass 3 promises 40 per cent fewer scratches that could toughen up the iPhone 6, iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

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New Apple television 'iTV' release date, features

When it comes to TV, rumours and speculation are still rife, provoked by CEO Tim Cook’s recent admission that television is an area of intense interest.

Recent reports suggest that the next version of iOS may add Bluetooth functionality to the Apple TV set-top box, which could set it on the way to taking over the living room. Reports are also suggesting Apple would be wise to develop that device further rather than attempting to create a full television.

But, at the end of December, reports emerged from sources at manufacturer Foxconn, claiming that Apple had begun the first phase of testing on a new Apple television, though it’s unlikely to ship in 2013.

According to a Macworld online poll, 2014 may be leaving it a little late. The UK's living rooms are in need of smart TV upgrades, with more than half (53.3%) of readers not yet having a smart TV.

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New MacBook rumours

Also in the works at Apple ahead of a predicted June launch are new MacBooks, reports Digitimes, which claims Apple has issued requests for quotations to its suppliers for an updated MacBook Air with new processors and a new MacBook Pro.

Following Tim Cook’s announcement that Apple will begin manufacturing one of its Mac line-ups in the US in 2013, reports have suggested that a new Mac mini could be made in the US by Foxconn this year, or perhaps the new Mac Pro that Cook promised following the disappointing update Apple gave to the computer in June.

Apple iWatch, iRadio rumours

Another interesting rumour circulating the web is the ‘iWatch’. According to the latest speculation, Apple and Intel are working on a Bluetooth smart watch for debut in the first half of the year.

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The rumoured 'iRadio' is also expected to make an appearance later this year, with recent reports suggesting that Apple is in talks with music labels about the service, which is likely to be similar to Pandora and Spotify's personalised music services.

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