The plaintiffs in the 'Apple tracked me case' have had their request to make it a class action suit denied.

The judge in the case is Judge Lucy Koh, who presided over the Samsung verses Apple case last August.

At the court appearance, detailed by Bloomberg, Judge Koh denied the plaintiffs request to have the case turned into a class action suit. 

Apple had hoped to sway her with the argument that the plaintiffs haven't proven that any tracking that did take place actually resulted in harm to them, explains TUAW. The plaintiffs have in fact dropped their claims for damages.

According to that report, Apple believes that the plaintiffs are only trying for class-action status “in a desperate attempt” to recover fees, according to a court filing.

The lawsuit relates to the fact that apps have access to an iOS device's unique device identifier (UDID) so ad agencies can capture usage data across apps.

AppleInsider reports that AdMarvel, Admob, Flurry, and Google had all been named as defendants in the case, but have been dropped since the case began, leaving only Apple.

Back in July 2011, Apple was forced to pay one Korean man $946 in damages after a court awarded him compensation for the “Locationgate” fiasco, adds CultofMac.

Apple recently introduced an Advertising Identifier in iOS 6.1. This new tracking technology, called IFA or IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), doesn't identify you personally. It just provides data that advertisers can use to send relevant ads to the right devices.

There is general agreement that IFA is an improvement over the previous system of Unique Device Identifiers (UDID).

The company is said to be rejecting apps that use cookies to track users, according to reports

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