The iPhone seems set to be more capable than first thought, according to a YouTube video that's available now.

The video explores four features of the device that were touched upon briefly during Apple CEO Steve Job's Macworld Expo keynote speech, when he introduced the device.

While the report isn't particularly groundbreaking some of this points to new features in the device and suggests some strategic moves on behalf of the company.

The report looks at the iPhone's calendar application, showing where new events are added and confirming the existence of three different calendar views (day, month, year).

It also looks at the iPhones Google Maps integration and shows the device will "likely" be capable of delivering road and traffic information through the service.

Jobs wowed the applauding Macworld Expo crowd when he showed them how to navigate iTunes content using a finger on the touchscreen. The report also shows the device can be used to scroll through collections by using the first letter of the artist's name; 'Letter scrolling', the report calls it.

Finally — and perhaps most impressive — the report also looks at ringtones, speculating that Apple will sell ringtones for the iPhone through the iTunes Store.

Supporting this proposition, the report looks at a photo of the sync interface for the iPhone, which clearly shows a 'Ringtone' tab.

You can see the video here.