Apple is now selling refurbished iPhone XR handsets for £499.

You can now get a iPhone XR for £499 - that's £130 off Apple's usual price for the handset. You can save even more on the iPhone XR with 256GB storage.

The iPhone XR is the latest Apple handset to be added to the company's Certified Refurbished Store. The refurbished store is where Apple sells refurbished models of the iPhone (and other Apple products including Macs, iPads and Apple Watches) on its website - giving customers a chance to buy products at a lower price.

The company already sells refurbished models of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, and XS Max and now the company has added the iPhone XR to the cluster of refurbished iPhones available.

  • The 64GB iPhone XR is £499/$499 refurbished (that's £130/$100 off the new price - normally £629/$599)
  • The 128GB iPhone XR is £539/$539 refurbished (that's £140/$110 off the new price - normally £679/$649)
  • The 256GB iPhone XR is £629/$629 refurbished (that's £150/$120 off according to Apple - note that Apple no longer sells this model new but some places do still stock it)

Buy the refurbished iPhone XR here.

Should I buy refurbished iPhone XR?

You might be concerned about buying a refurbished handset but it's not like buying a second hand iPhone. These are iPhones that were returned to Apple for a variety of reasons: perhaps the previous owner exercised their consumer rights and returned the handset unused within 14-days (as per Apple's refund and exchange policy); or perhaps the iPhone was used as a demonstration model.

While it is true that the iPhone could have been returned to Apple due to a fault you can be sure that Apple will have identified and fixed any faults before reselling it. Apple says that refurbished products undergo "full functional testing, genuine Apple part replacements (if necessary)," as well as "a thorough cleaning".

There are plenty of benefits to buying a refurbished iPhone: you will get a one-year warranty, 90 days of tech support, and you'll also qualify for one year of Apple TV+ for free.

Plus, because you are buying from Apple directly there are also other benefits such as no shipping costs, the protection of Apple's 14-day returns policy, and free returns. We run through everything you need to know about buying a refurbished iPhone here.

You'll notice that these iPhone XR prices aren't much more than the newer iPhone SE (which starts at £419 for the 64GB version, £469 for 128GB, and £569 for the 256GB version). If you are wondering whether to choose the iPhone XR over the iPhone SE the following advantages and disadvantages of the XR might help you:


  • The XR is a full-screen iPhone
  • The XR is a bigger handset
  • The XR has a more modern design
  • The XR has better camera features due to the inclusion of Face ID tech in the front camera.
  • The XR includes features such as Animoji and Memoji.
  • The XR comes in a collection of different colours: red, yellow, white, coral, black and blue


  • The XR has a older processor (A12 Bionic vs A13 Bionic)
  • The XR is 18 months older than the iPhone SE
  • The XR is bigger and heavier (75.7 x 150.9 x 8.3mm, 194g vs 67.3 x 138.4 x 7.3mm, 148g)

The gap between the two handsets has certainly closed now that Apple is selling refurbished models at the lower price.

We are constantly on the look out for iPhone XR deals, so if we see any deals for brand-new iPhone XR handsets you'll find them here: iPhone XR deals.