With 130 million iPhone and iPad users signed up to Game Centre, Apple’s iOS is currently the third largest gaming platform, but is set to be the biggest gaming platform before the end of the year, according to analysts.

According to the analysts: “No gaming device has ever reached the 200 million mark” but “at the current growth rate the number of Game Centre accounts will surpass the 200 million before the year end.”

While Game Centre has 130 million subscribers, according to Apple, Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation 2 have around 150 million subscribers.

However, if the 180 million OpenFeint accounts on iOS are added to the equation, iOS has already surpassed the cumulative sales figures for the Nintendo DS, claim Asymco analysts Horace Dediu and Dirk Schmidt. OpenFeint applications include Fruit Ninja and Fieldrunners.

The analysts have based their research on the latest information from Apple that claims they have 130 million Game Centre accounts. 


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