Apple's move to integrate podcasts as a "killer app" within its market-leading "killer app", iTunes, has raised attention from The Economist magazine.

A report in the current edition of the news stand title looks at Apple's move to integrate podcast subscriptions within iTunes, making the process of signing up for these broadcasts, "fiddly no longer".

The report points out that the term "podcasting" developed independently of Apple's iPod, but the move to bring it into the fold means: "The iPod has finally staked its claim to a medium that already bears its name."

It also carries an observation from one of the developers of the new medium, Adam Curry, who said in a recent podcast: "Radio is springing free of the regulated gatekeepers who have managed what you can hear since radio was invented. It's jumping into the hands of anyone at all with something or nothing to say."

The report stresses that the phenomenon, "promises to upend the trend in recent decades towards dumber, duller radio".