The International Consumer Electronics Show has landed in Las Vegas this week, and while Apple doesn't put in an official appearance, an Apple employee has been spotted checking out the competing products that are being shown off by its rivals.

There are more than 20,000 products on show at the venue the size of 28 football pitches at this year's CES. These new gadgets include smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and much more, by some of Apple's biggest rivals such as Samsung. SEE: What Apple will be watching at CES

This year, Apple's I/O technology evangelist Craig Keithley has been spotted wandering around the show floor by 9to5Mac, but he declined to comment when approached by journalists.

During CES, Acer has revealed its plans to include retina-class displays in several laptop models, including at least one Ultrabook, by late spring, and Samsung has previewed some of its prototype flexible and foldable smartphone displays.

Corning has unveiled its latest screen Gorilla Glass 3 in Las Vegas this week, which is expected to be used in the next generation of iOS devices in order to make them tougher and less scratch-prone.                                                                                                                 

Wireless charging has emerged as a popular feature being shown off at CES, with products that range from a Toyota automobile armrest built to charge enabled smartphones to multi-phone charging pads to tablet chargers.

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